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Balfern Products Plc Case Report From Aberdeen Bus. School Scm Dept.

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CourseworkThe critical evaluation of changes in organizational behavior at Balfern Products PlcCase Study:The Company Balfern Product Plc. produces hand crafted wooden puppets. In order to increase the production level and meet new quality standards a new conveyor belt system is introduced by the management and a bonus pay is offered to the workers. But the workers have problems to adopt themselves to the new system so that the management experiences difficulties in implementing the system and meeting higher production levels. Meanwhile, the relationship between dressers and painter and the rest of the company deteriorated rapidly from a one of friendly rivalry to one of mistrust where different groups are held responsible for the loss of the 'production bonuses'. To make matters worse, some valuable employees leave the company.Task:This case study has been commissioned to evaluate the changes at Balfern Products Plc. Using the knowledge of organizational behavior; a report to the management is prepared which contains the reasons, why a team of painters and dressers, made up of capable individuals for specific tasks, performing poorly in organization.This case study critically analyses concepts and theories of people in organizations and applies it to the Balfern. It identifies people management problems at individual, group and organizational level.Moreover, group processes, goal orientation, self-image and stereotypes and task interdependencies are considered and evaluated in the report. Furthermore, it determines possible reasons why the working environment as well as the level of conflict becomes complicated. The report ends with a conclusion. The recommendation, what steps the management can take to improve the current situation is summarized in the executive summary.Table of Contents1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 12 INTRODUCTION 23 INDIVIDUAL LEVEL 93.1 PERCEPTION AND CHANGE OF ATTITUDES3.2 COMPETENCIES AND MOTIVATION4 GROUP LEVEL 134.1 COMMUNICATION4.2 GROUP DECISION MAKING AND COLLECTIVE STRENGH5 ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM LEVEL AND LEVEL OF CONFLICT6 CONCLUSION 17APPENDIX 18Appendix 1: Bibliographies............................................................................ 181 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis case of group processes and conflicts at Balfern Products plc analyses the social exchange in a work environment. This report has been commissioned to investigate why the changes in production levels, working environment and levels of conflict appearAnalyzing the corporate strategy and their employees, there is the luxury toys department which provides hand crafted wooden puppets. This individual hand made products differentiate the company from its competitors by taking advantage what they do particular well - that is the organization's unique strength and it must be secured as a core competency.2 INTRODUCTIONAt one time in the past, the workplace operated as follows: the leader of particular company would issue an order, and the employees would follow...

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