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Ballet Is Everything Essay

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What is ballet? Why do it? Ballet is a type of dance. Dance is a type of art that generally involves the movement of the body. There are several types of dances, such as modern, which is a mixture of smooth movements but also sharp movements. Jazz is mostly composed of sharp actions and varying the heights of the dancer. Ballet is a form of dance characterized by conventional steps, classy poses, and graceful movements including leaps and spins. It originated in the courts of the Italian Renaissance and later developed in Russia and France. By looking at ballet’s sophisticated artistic movements, its level of training, and its spiritual aspect, you can see why this classic dance is so treasured by many.
Ballet is a category of art where dancers use their bodies to charmingly tell a story. It has been around for centuries. The first recorded performance was in the 1400s, during the Renaissance. Ballet unites aspects of painting, poetry, dancing, and music. It may convey a story or a comedy, express a mood, or simply reflect the music. It may paint a picture of sadness or joy. The story of the Nutcracker, Cinderella and many alike are made alive on the stage with the movement of these ballerinas. In the Nutcracker, snowflake dancers flit, float, and fly in the winter flurry. Cinderella and her prince waltz gracefully in the ballroom. These are just some illustrations of dancers using their bodies to elegantly communicate their imaginative expression of the story.
In addition to being used as an artistic demonstration, ballet can also be used as a sport. There is a saying among ballerinas, “Ballet. Like sport, only harder.” Why harder? you might think. It is undertaken mostly by girly girls. It is demanding because the techniques involved are sophisticated and require much training and discipline. Numerous exercises are executed to strengthen the core or build stronger muscles. Dancers need to have enduring cores to perform many movements that are unnatural for the body. They engage in hours and hours of training in order to be able to carry out these movements. A ballet dancer can perform the difficult steps of ballet only after many years of unyielding training. Even professional ballet dancers practice daily to remain fit and to stay in top...

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