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Balloon Dog Essay

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Bold and intriguing, this sculpture, “Balloon Dog (Magenta)” by Jeff Koons, induces a sense of wonder and happiness. Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Dog (Magenta)” is a part of the Celebration series that begun in 1994. The Balloon Dog is an archetype connecting people to the monumental and the everyday. Looking at this sculpture you can hear the sound of festivity. We can hear the sound of children laughing and running around playing games. We can hear the sound of balloons popping and also the twisting shrieks from a party clown as he creates this wonderful balloon animal. This sculpture also evokes a sense of smell at these celebrations where the balloon dog would be present. A smell such as the ...view middle of the document...

Balloon Dog’s lovely magenta colour really stands out on this particular sculpture. It’s warm and inviting and it gives off a cheerful feel.
There are five different colours in the Balloon Dog series and each one is unique. One is red, one is blue, one is orange, one is yellow and one is magenta. Jeff Koon’s has always worked with inflatable objects. The reason being he enjoyed working with things that are filled with air is because he thought they were a symbol of us. He related human beings to being breathing machines, inflatables. As we take a deep breath we are symbol of optimism, a symbol of future. If we exhale, it’s a symbol of death. We deflate. The Balloon Dog is eternally optimistic and it’s in a position to stand up to time. It’s materialism and it’s monumentality. Jeff Koon’s wanted to deal with the interior of a balloon dog. When thinking about a balloon you think about its interior being really empty. It’s a void. “The Balloon Dog has an ability to be able to parallel life’s energy. It’s having a dialogue within interior life and exterior life” (Christies, 2013). The Balloon Dog celebrates the places that it has been to be found in such as the Grand Canal in Venice, the ceilings of Versailles, the Neue National Gallery in Berlin, the Brant Foundation, and the sky and the buildings in New York City from the roof of the Metropolitan (Christie’s, 2013).
Balloon Dog (magenta) is a very modern sculpture showing a new contemporary attitude. As humans we often take for granted the beauty in such a small everyday inanimate object,...

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