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Balloon Powered Vehicle The balloon powered vehicle was an experiment in which I was teamed up with a partner and we were asked to make four sketches of a balloon powered vehicle that we thought can make it across a wire tied up from each side of the classroom. My partner and I split up the four sketches, I was doing two sketches and my partner was doing two sketches. Sketches #1 and #2 were my ideas and Sketches #3 and #4 were my partners ideas each of our four sketches were in a title block format. The twist was we had a limited amount of materials. Our materials were one strip of tape, a popsicle stick, two pieces of straw, two paper clips, a balloon, and a rubber band.While we were in our next class we were testing two of our sketches, Sketch #1 and Sketch#4. While were testing these two sketches we measuring the distance the balloon powered vehicle traveled across the wire and the time it took it to travel the distance. Then when we had done that, we were figuring out to see which balloon powered vehicle had a better velocity out of Sketch#1 and Sketch #4. In order to figure out the velocity of the balloon powered vehicle we were using the formula for velocity, Velocity = Distance divided by Time.My partners idea for his balloon powered vehicle Sketch#4 while experimenting it on the wire in the classroom traveled a total distance of 10 feet in 10 seconds. My idea for a balloon powered vehicle Sketch#1 while experimenting it on the wire in the classroom traveled a total distance of 6 feet in 4 seconds. With using the formula for velocity we will see which balloon powered vehicle sketch is had better velocity.SketchesDistanceTimeVelocity V = D/T Sketch#410 feet10 seconds1 s Sketch#16 feet4 seconds1.5 s...

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