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Since the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City the modern world was woken up to the reality of what is outside their borders. Fear swept all across the United States anticipating another attack and evasive actions such as closing down all air traffic were put into place in order to protect the people. After 9/11 the world changed drastically, people searched for answers to all the losses and in the end turned against the Muslim faith. Just to watch the video footage of planes being weaponized to destroy two symbols of capitalism invoked many different reactions such as hatred, anxiety, grief, sadness but nothing that shows the public responded positively to such an event. This brings up the question of whether or not terrorism can be morally defensible even through the destruction most terrorist acts demonstrate. The answer is simply that terrorism is in no way morally justifiable because it cannot accurately be defined. To argue against terrorism it is important to understand what it is and why it cannot be morally justifiable. The following methods will be used to examine how terrorism effects people and its lack of integrity in society: The definitions of terrorism, what is a terrorist, what is morality.
Currently, to most of the modern world, one of the most notorious issues today are issues revolving around terrorism and to many these concerns emerged after the September 11th attacks. As a result, it has climbed up in the ranks involving global concern. Because there is no particular formula to terrorism due to its capability to take many different forms, the definition should be approached carefully and any concerns or questions should be tended to for such a serious topic. Most people have a very general description for terrorism which is the act of bringing terror upon innocent people, usually for a personal cause by the minority, others take a different approach to analyze the terrorist operations involved or the people involved. The book titled “Political Terrorism” by Schmidt and Jongman offer a plethora of definitions for terrorism and it also offers academic surveys conducted to get a general idea for what a terrorist is. According to the data collected by Schmidt and Jongman the majority of people, which was 83%, defined terrorism as violence and force. The rest of the subjects surveyed had different definitions, for example: 65% said it was to cause fear, 51% said threats, 30% believed terrorism to be the act of violence for a cause.1 What can be learned from these studies is that the definition of terrorism is not clearly defined and is defined by individual people rather than the dictionary. What this says is that terrorism can target certain people and no one is invulnerable to such a thing, and with these many definitions made by the people surveyed the answer is clear: the majority see terrorism as a negative act. Aside from the...

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