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Baltimore Essay

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The beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland, nicknamed “Charm City” is full of historical cites and landmarks. It was founded July 30, 1729, and it was named after Lord Baltimore, the first proprietary governor of the Province of Maryland1. It was founded to serve the economic needs of 18th century farmers2. The waterways in Baltimore have been a passage for ships carrying commercial cargo and new citizens since the 1600s. Baltimore became the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States during the 1800s. Shipbuilding was one of the earliest industries in Baltimore, and it increased during the Revolution and the War of 1812. When the British controlled Philadelphia in 1777, Baltimore became the meeting place of the Continental Congress, which was the federal legislature of the thirteen colonies and later of the United States in the American Revolution. The city of Baltimore played a crucial role in the War of 1812, when the soldiers who were stationed in Fort McHenry successfully held off British attack on Baltimore. The victory for Baltimore was remembered in the poem by Francis Scott Key, “the Star-Spangled Banner,” which has now become the national anthem of the United States. When the war ended in 1815, the people of Baltimore resumed their vital foreign trade efforts and the city grew into the second largest city in the United States3. In 1851, Baltimore became an independent city, being detached from Baltimore County at that time.
Baltimore has a home-rule charter which states that it has the freedom do basically call all of the shots. They have the right to all properties and franchises in the city and can dispose of any of them at any given time. The city also ha control of all trust funds, wills, deeds, or any other form of gift or conveyance for any corporate purpose. The City may also accept grants for its corporate purposes from any government, governmental agency or person4.
Just prior to the Civil War, Maryland was a southern slave state, and during the war, they became part of the union but still kept slavery legal. The Pro-southern sentiment led to the Baltimore riot of 1861, when Union soldiers marched through the city. After the riot Union troops occupied Baltimore, and the whole state of Maryland came under direct federal administration until the end of the war in 1865. This was a very vital move by the union because they did not want Washington, D.C. to become completely surrounded by seceded Confederate territory. The case Ex parte Merryman, written by the Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, dealt with the habeas corpus rights of Marylanders jailed by the Abraham Lincoln Administration and strongly reprimanded Lincoln for his actions. Baltimore's overseas trade was principally with the Caribbean Islands and South America, regions undergoing economic and social changes. At...

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