Bamboo Flooring Is Economical And Environmentally Safe

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Choosing the flooring for your home can feel overwhelming with all of the available choices. Carpet is also being replaced by many do to the conveniences and healthfulness of a wood floor. Replacing the traditional hardwood is bamboo. There are many benefits of bamboo flooring not found in traditional hardwood floors.

Bamboo is extremely durable and more adaptable to the elements than traditional flooring. It will withstand a great difference in fluctuations of temperatures. It will go from extreme cold to extreme heat without damaging the flooring. This durability makes it a great choice for all rooms including outside living areas. The ability for holding up under high humidity makes it great for warmer climates.

Working towards saving the environment is high on everyone’s list and using bamboo flooring is an excellent way to do your part in saving the environment. Bamboo will grow at a quicker rate than the trees used for hardwood flooring. Bamboo is not a tree but is a grass. The bamboo becomes mature and ready for use in about six years as opposed to using a tree that will take approximately one hundred and twenty years to fully mature. Another benefit is the pesticides used are far smaller than that in other wood sources, making it better for the water supply.

Water is the biggest enemy to many traditional hardwood flooring. Water causes the wood to warp and buckle. Bamboo has wonderful resilience to water. It is also more defensive to everyday scratches or stains.

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