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Bamboo Flowers Essay

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BAMBOOFLOWERSReaction PaperSubmitted to:Dr. Carmen Decierdo, PhDSubmitted by:Dianne Michelle Daquio"BAMBOO FLOWERS"Written by: Aloy AdlawanDirected by: Maryo de Los Reyes"Bamboo Flowers" presents a three-story script intertwined into one. The film talks about married life and single blessedness life of young and other strangers, about students' aspirations and ambitions, about sons and daughters of farmers, about tourist guides, cultural workers, children and ordinary people, about tourists who visit the province."Bamboo Flowers" are literally the chandelier-shaped bamboo leaves/flowers which bloom on the bamboo trees that are in the final stages of death. This paradox is evident in the life in these islands where traditions maybe dying because times do change and because progress has bloomed and new things, outlooks, beliefs and practices have been introduced. Thus, there is erosion of traditions and since, there are new things to look forward to, there are also beliefs and practices that have to be abandoned or left behind.This movie written by Aloy Adlawan is directed by Maryo de Los Reyes as his entry to this year's Sining Pambansa, All Masters' Edition National Film Festival. It is his tribute to his roots, particularly to his mother who hails in Alicia, Bohol; to the memories of his childhood visits to this island province; to its rich heritage and traditions; to its lushness and beautiful landscapes, and most especially to its people. The film will also be a tribute to the children of the world whose dreams and aspirations we have to hear and listen to and eventually help realize.MOVIE PLOT:Omel played by Ruru Madrid is a teenager who lived his life by the river dancing and singing to tourist. He is kind, approachable, generous, intelligent, industrious, trustworthy, obedient, dependable, and optimistic and is a good-humour person. His simple life by the river turned around when he decides to go the city- Tagbilaran City to work for his family. As a typical Boholano boy, he resembles such good traits. He really works hard and easily gets promoted. Omel is an example of a true Boholano character that is dedicated not just to his work but also to his family.A native of Bohol who goes back to the province impoverished after losing her husband through a tragic death, for her husband committed suicide not to accept their loss and cannot live in just a simple life is played by Mylene Dizon as Sandra, however, Irma Adlawan as Berta is a tourist guide volunteer in the Abatan River cruise. Both Sandra and Berta is a mother. Eric, Sandras' son and Omel, Bertas' son. They both love their child. Sandra and her family used to live a rich life in Manila but gets down when her husband died, Berta, in the other hand, just live a simple life by the river and succeed when her son was discovered in one of the well known TV program- Prodige. Sandra and Berta have very different character exposure in the movie but they could get their similarities as a...

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