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Soda, a sugary drink that has revolutionized the whole world since its invention back in the mid 19th century and a drink that everyone consumes. And recently, the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has been intending to place a ban on big, oversized soda drinks. New York should certainly not impose this ban on big drinks over the size of 16 fluid ounces. It’s cockamamie! This ban is not the way to go for the county’s finances, the people and the economy. Within New York, many people believe that the ban is right for various reasons, one being that the obesity epidemic rates have been staggering high but banning big drinks.... really? As silly as this ban may seem, lawmakers in New York and intensely debating the idea of banning big drinks.

Around the world people have in mind that soda’s are really bad for the health, which they most certainly are, but are they primary source of fat consumed? Absolutely not! Banning big drinks is 100% not going to curb obesity. In fact, in Harvard studies, it states that since the 1960’s, the amount of energy needed per day has decreased 60%. People eat 4.9 meals and snacks a day compared to the 3 meals people are supposed to consume. What this means is that people in fact get most of their energy, and fat of course from snacks. Not soda! This also means that they aren’t burning calories either. It’s not the soda’s fault that people are obese, it’s the people’s lack of knowledge in portion sizes! Liz Hare, a scientific researcher in Queens, said in a follow-up interview. “There are many other things that people do that aren’t healthy, so I think it’s a big overreach.” If the U.S is really trying to stop the staggering rates of obesity why don’t they just stop selling burgers or hot dogs. Eliminating soda is legitimately not going to stop the problem that the U.S has with oversized civilians.

The U.S also has a massive industry with connections with other country’s and exporting goods and soda play’s a huge role in the success of the industry. If mayor Bloomberg is going to ban big drinks, the economic stability is going to go right down the drain. If America buys less soda, the world suffers, from the lack of investment. The U.S. consumes 10-20%...

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