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Ban On Tobacco Essay

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Tobacco advertising bans have become commonplace in developed nations but are less prevalent in developing countries.
In the context of the above mention claim, “Tobacco advertising” therefore means any commercial communication whose main, secondary or incidental aim or effect is to promote a tobacco brand or to promote tobacco use (Extracted from WHO framework convention on tobacco control).
Tobacco advertising may either be direct or indirect. The direct form of the advertisement of tobacco is as explained above while “Indirect-advertising” includes the association of a tobacco product brand element with a non-tobacco product good or service, and the advertising or marketing ...view middle of the document...

Right to inform consumer about their product known as freedom of speech. Companies often believe that they have the right to create awareness about the existence and consumption of their product as well as their brand.
Another argument in opposition of the ban tobacco in India is that it is believe that tobacco is a legal product and therefore should be legal to advertise. Of course, tobacco consumption in India is legal and its advertising should not therefore be comprehensively ban but restricted and controlled in accordance regulatory objectives.
Brand switching and awareness is another argument for the ban on tobacco consumption in India. India tobacco companies’ claims that the advertisement was meant to encourage brand changes of tobacco consumption among adult smokers.
Lastly, the ban on tobacco advertising may harm the advertising industry and perhaps the economy. This is because tobacco consumption produces a lot of tax revenue for the government of India. So, if the advertisement is ban, it reduces the revenue of tobacco companies and invariably reduce the amount of income tax available to the government from tobacco companies
The conflict of interest issue as it pertains to government in India
Tobacco consumption is...

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