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A. Attention Getter: According to Tilley, K. (2013, August 26) More endangered sea turtles ingesting plastic, there are almost twice as many endangered green sea
turtles swallowing plastic than were 25 years ago, according to an Australia study. We are impacting the animal cycle, furthermore they are our food source, which will affect us too.
B. Background and Audience Relevance: Everyone including newborn babies uses Plastic bottles. According to Petz. S (2009, October 15) Science, Clean Water “Out of the 50 billion bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill, even though recycling programs exist. ”. Which takes an impact to the plastic trash that travels to ...view middle of the document...

A. Sub-point 1: According to Petz. S (2009, October 15) Science, Clean water “17 million barrels of oil are used in producing bottled water each year.” We use chemicals and natural resources to make a durable product. However, average persons use the plastic bottles for twenty to sixty minutes. Reusing the water bottles isn’t optional due to the chemicals it carries. These are the objects that surround our rivers, ocean and other resorts where wild life lives. It has endangered more species than it has happened in the past. Beavan Collin stated, “We are what we eat”, if we eat animals such as fish that has been contaminated by plastic in the ocean. Then, the contamination and endangerment will affect us. Plastic contamination will affect our health that we can avoid by not using plastic water bottles.

B. Sub point 2: According to “The bottled water industry has generated demand for its product through marketing, persuading Americans that bottled water is purer and healthier than tap water, even though the U.S. federal government requires more rigorous safety monitoring of municipal tap water than it does of bottled water.” Studies have shown that health issues have link to drinking plastic water bottles that have been reused. Why do we use them? It cost less from the planet and consumer to use reusable bottles
than plastic water bottles.

Transition: We just discussed the affects developed in the environment. Now, I will reflect on how were these issues were created
III. Main point 2: Plastic water bottles leaking into our surroundings have caused these issues. It is used excessively and is not recycled in appropriate places.
A. Sub point 1: College students use the most plastic water bottles due to the small amount time it takes to obtain a bottle. We need to drink water for our bodies to stay healthy and alive. No water companies come with a warning label saying it can serious disease if use more the once or if not recycled it will kill hundreds of animals. Most of us will only use them for our convenience, but since has landed in landfill and hasn’t been clean up. It resulted in contamination for animals and society. It has contributed to the 3.5 million plastic objects that float in the Pacific Ocean. It has taken hard work from everyone to clean the ocean from the plastic floating around. Furthermore, industries have gone green- they have lowered the thickness of plastic that goes in one bottle. Then, when it left in the sea it became easier to dissolves into smaller pieces that sea animals eat. We have a hard time cleaning from our ocean where is more than a hundred feet below.
B. Sub point 2: (Can we all take a breath.) Many of us you think it’s clean air but plastic trash vaporizes into the air we breathe that can affect our lungs. It is an impact that is hard to change because there is so many bottles throw away that we haven’t found a way to clean. The chemicals we use for production is...

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