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Ban The Burns Essay

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Tanning is a common fator in this generation. Particularly female teenagers ages 18 to 21 are most likely to engage in tanning from looking at models and other media who have the sun kissed glowing skin in any season. Young viewers see attractive adult women, which lead them to believe a "natural" looking tan is more desirable and wonder, "How do they have beautiful skin without spending hours at a beach?" Indoor tanning beds provide a more time efficient and productive way of tanning. After a couple of tanning appointments, your skin tone slightly darkens and you have directly increased your chances of skin cancer. Teenagers in high school and college are at the biggest risk because they are more likely to develope bad tanning habits from their peers. Some people believe tanning in tanning beds is safer for the body because you avoid the natural suns harmful rays, but the common tanning bed gives off deadly ultra violet light. Don't be convinced that the beds are safer simply by containing more UVA than UVB rays. UVA rays are just as lethal and dangerous as UVB rays, and the theory that tanning beds are healthy and necessary for Vitamin D Absorption is commonly misunderstood. Teenagers who utilize indoor tanning in a early stage are very sesepable to skin cancer later on and the government devotes little to no attention on addressing underage tanning. If tanning is a "right" then drug abuse is a "right" as well. What is the difference? Both can kill you.
Phyical effects of tanning can have a death risk on young women. The government addresses the harms of drunk driving, and drug abuse, but nothing toward the deadly tans. Everytime you use a tanning bed, massive contrations of ultra violet light is exposed to your body, harsher than the suns rays. The high exposure can cause severe burns if the light is to great in a short amount of time. You can damage your eye sight by harming the lens and cornea of the eye, from the radiation. Along with over exposure leading to early development of cataracts. Skin can become blotchy and cause age spots from tanning. Additionally, the color of your skin can vary, leaving the skin tinted orange or brown in color. UV exposure can cause wrinkles, early aging, and the obivous, skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in our society. Due to the fact Caucasians white skin contains less melatin to protect the body from UV rays, Caucasians are more easily affected. Skin cancers are classified into two types; malignant and benign. Benign cancers are catorgorized as basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas, while maligant tumors are labeled as melanomas. A scary stastic of over 85% skin related deaths are due to melanomas.When the ultra violet rays touch the skin, it can permanetly damage the DNA in the epidermis cells. The UV rays break down DNA and cause it to be altered to create cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers. (CPDs) These abnormal genetic mutations in skin cells lead to cancer.

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