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1. Mikhail Gorbachev lived in a poorer environment. His father was sent to war and came back wounded but still took care of their farm. Gorbachev also helped with the uptake of the land but then saw his grandfather taken during the Great Purge but return home. None of this prohibited him from learning, he was so passionate about it he got into Moscow University along with free accommodations.

2. He was young, even at 54, when given leadership of the USSR. This made him have a more youthful and optimistic insight into the countries relations. It also came with the plus that he would live longer than his two predecessors who died, leaving short term leaders in their wake.

3. Glasnost was a ...view middle of the document...

7. There was wide spread discontent with the system. In republics of the USSR other than Russia, they had their own ideas of independence for they did not feel connected to Russia. Similar things were happening within the Eastern Bloc where Poland and Berlin (East and West Berlin) had been freed of their pro-Soviet mindsets.

8. Gorbachev was disliked by his own people because they expected him to go with the tide. Against this belief, he had proposed multiple reforms which were bold and were contrary to their beliefs. He was also very stubborn on these issues, working hard to get them passed.

9. The operators of the coup had kidnapped him and announced to the country that he was too ill to govern, this caused a national outcry. Eventually they gave up after seeing that without the military, they would not succeed. Then, Gorbachev was thought to be with the coup leaders so he was even more distrusted making Yeltsin more liked and more powerful.

10. Gorbachev had given up power after seeing national protest who did not want anything less of a democracy. The other republics of the USSR, which had wanted freedom had become separate states....

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