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PART ¢ñ OVERVIEW Banana Republic is a very famous brand in United State and Canada. This brand has not been introduced into South Korea market yet. Banana Republic was found in 1978 in California. After being acquired by Gap Inc. in 1983, it has since evolved from a small purveyor of safari-inspired clothing with two stores and a mail order catalog into one of the most well- respected retail brands in the United States. Banana Republic is having an emphasis on all things elegant, modern and comfortable. Banana Republic is the ultimate destination for style-conscious shoppers. Customers feel it in every aspect of the brand-from personalized service to distinctive shopping experiences. Due to this reason, I am interested in introducing Banana Republic into South Korea. I have confidence that Banana Republic will be successful in South Korea. I will follow by the analysis of the market situations in South Korea and the competition situation there. After analysis, I will make my marketing strategies about how to successfully introduce and develop Banana Republic into South Korea.PART ¢ò BRIEF INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY ABOUT BANANA REPUBLIC Banana Republic was found in 1978 in California. After being acquired by Gap Inc. in 1983, it has since evolved from a small purveyor of safari-inspired clothing with two stores and a mail order catalog into one of the most well-respected retail brands in the United States. While our focus remains on modern, versatile clothing for both men and women, we have grown our customers. As they began to express a desire for expanded lines of merchandise, we listened. This is what inspired us to introduce several new collections home, jewelry, intimates and personal care. ¡°Men¡¯s Only¡± and ¡°Women¡¯s Only¡± gender-specific stores were launched in 1996. And in 1997, we added 30 new stores, including 4 flagship locations, bringing the total number of stores to 256. In 1998 brought the reintroduction of the Banana Republic Catalog and the launch of our first television campaigns, as well as an additional 31 new store openings nationwide. 1999 was yet another year of significant growth for Banana Republic. In addition to 41 new store openings, was launched. With new developments at , growth of catalog sales and anticipated new store openings,2001 will continue to keep Banana Republic as the definitive destination for your modern, versatile wardrobe.PART ¢ó DEFINING THE PRODUCT The focus of Banana Republic remains on modern, versatile clothing for both men and women. Banana Republic has grown with her customers. Banana Republic designs for individuals who seek clothing and accessories with quality, value and style. As they began to express a desire for expanded lines of merchandise, we listened. This is what inspired Banana Republic to introduce several new...

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