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Band Nerds Versus Underdeveloped Brains Essay

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Band Nerds versus Underdeveloped Brains
You walk through the hallway at school being called names, being mocked, and getting laughed at. People hold their arms in positions to mock the way you play your horn. You get called “Band Nerd” or “Geek” or “Loser”, and the scrutiny is sometimes overbearing. But as you reach the end of the hallway, you meet your group of friends that have become like family to you. You’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time in the scorching heat together, and you’ve spent late nights on the bus playing games and falling asleep. You all learn from each other, teach each other, help each other, and become part of something bigger than yourself together. You become ...view middle of the document...

Having thicker corpus callosum can result in a better attitude, a longer attention span, and the ability to learn and process information easier.
Nordoff Robbins is the founder of a program called “Music Transforming Lives” that specializes in working with mentally disabled kids and adults. Robbins uses a technique known as music therapy. She states “Music therapy helps with developing motor skills and the co-ordination of muscle patterns needed for walking. It also improves social skills such as turn taking. Different moods that are expressed through music creates an emotional outlet to address difficult feelings.” ( Using Down syndrome for example, those who have been diagnosed have both a mental and physical limit. Physically, those with Down syndrome are un-coordinated. A person taking music therapy can do things such as a playing a drum with a mallet to develop a motor skill of grasping. Once they have the idea of putting these two together, music therapists can imitate a metronome, giving a tempo, and get the student to mock the given tempo by hitting the drum on each beat, thus exercising the brain and enhancing effectiveness of hand-eye coordination while adding the sense of hearing to the equation.
It has also been proven that a high income in later life is correlated with taking music classes in school. Dr. Michael DeBakey, the world’s leading heart surgeon, took music classes in high school. He often gave credit to the work ethic he learned mastering music in his early life, and how it contributed to the work ethic he would later need to be the world’s best cardio-vascular surgeon. It was known that during surgeries, DeBakey would play music, claiming that the music relaxed him and kept him focused. Other people who have climbed to fame also participated in a music class like band in their high school years. Jimmy Kimmel, a talk show host and comedian played clarinet, Ke$ha, a singer/songwriter, played trumpet, Bill Clinton, former president and entrepreneur, played saxophone, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, played baritone, Steven Spielberg, movie director, played clarinet ( Music is credited with teaching work ethic, showing that the harder you work at...

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