Bands That Save Turning Points Essay

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I was alone. I was lost. I had no one. Literally everyone at school hated me. I always got hated no matter what I did. I had absolutely no self-confidence whatsoever. I hated myself. When I was alone my thoughts would kill me, because the comments people blurted out actually hurt me. No one understood me, and anyone I would try to talk to would tell me to stop complaining because I have much better than the kids in Africa, and I didn’t want to be a burden so I bottled it all up. Suddenly I started losing interest in things that I used to love. I was miserable…
One day I was on YouTube and I found a song, “A Prophecy” by the band Asking Alexandria. I’ll admit I wasn’t into “hardcore” bands, and I didn’t really like it at first, but there was something about that song that just made me want to listen to it over and over again, I think the meaning behind the song was what made me attracted to it at ...view middle of the document...

I’ve been so much more happier, and I don’t know what it was but I actually gained so much self-confidence, and I felt like I finally felt the numb inside of me leave. Even though I was happier, school still sucked. I had very few friends in school, but I had my music and it never failed me.
Rock to me was about taking control of my life and accepting responsibility for decisions. It was about choosing to not only survive and push through the crap in life, but to live. Rock music accepted me when no one and nothing else would.
Earlier if anyone would make fun of me or say something to me I would just ignore it. But one day someone insulted my music, and that day for the first time ever I stood up for myself, it was so awesome, I felt so happy. After that day I learned to stand up for myself. I still always get judged for my music taste, but I couldn’t care less about whatever anyone ever said.
Rock saved my life. Looking back, I can say that now. Pierce The Veil was there for me at my worst, Suicide Silence helped calmed me down, Of Mice & Men always made me happy no matter what and Asking Alexandria? Words cannot describe how much Asking Alexandria’s music means to me.
I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was older, but having these bands change/save my life I want to do the same; change people’s life with music. I want to be someone’s reason to not give up. I want to take my passion of playing guitar, and make it my career, I want join band when I’m older.
I’m a fan, and they are bands. I love them because they were always there for me, and they always will be. When they laugh, I laugh, when they cry, I cry. I never met all of them, but whenever they cheer me up, it feels like they’re right next to me. It’s their music that helps me forget. It’s their jokes that make me smile. Sometimes I lock the door and block the world just to submerge myself into these bands. I love them. I love them so much. Maybe this “teenage obsession” will end one day, but I’ll never forget how many times they managed to brighten my day. To everyone else they’re just bands, but no its not “just a band”, their my heroes.

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