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Bane Of Nigeria Essay

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Bane of NigeriaImagine a black plague destroying the last remaining forest. Then imagine a country where the people come last, and the best way to control the populous is by either bribing them or making them your enemy. Welcome to Nigeria. In the last thirty-two years not a day has passed where change is good. The president of Nigeria, "Goodluck Johnathon", contradicts his so told contributions by his actions in Nigeria. Good luck, and prosperity hasn't come to the Nigerians for a long time. Growth has been minimal and due to the technological advances worldwide; more problems in Nigeria have sprouted. Rather than good change, many problems have been added on to the tab. So much that older problems have become microcosms to the bigger, newly developed issues. Many people would think oil is a precious jewel, but Nigerians would think otherwise. The contributions oil has done lacks, and is furthermore a curse rather than a benefit. Oil plagues the lands, destroying every last hint of wildlife, and money made from the oil is going to the wrong places. Oil as a whole might just be the bane of great Nigeria in the future to come and the evidence proves it. The good change has literally been washed away leaving more problems behind. Analysis of Nigeria's oil crisis will clearly state that in the past thirty-two years, the excavation of oil has only hindered Nigeria - ensconcing them further into a troubled government and adding more issues to there bill than ever before.Destroying an economy is no hard task as is destroying a forest, but what's even easier is letting a plague loose. Oil in its own right is a plague, more specifically in the Nigeria delta. Citizens of Nigeria rely on fish to put food on the table for there family. Massive amounts of death spread when oil gets loose into the forest in Nigeria. Over 6,000 family ponds filled with fish get contaminated with oil making their number one export become an unreliable source of income. "Over the course of two years, 2004-2006, all the fishes that where table sized died, they where floating dead with oil and death in every corner of the forest" said Elder Friday Akpan who's sued shell for destroying his farm by polluting it. Nigeria's government refuses to reprehend the endless working farmers for there oil filled ponds. "You take away our prized land, fill them with oil. At least pay us, you refuse to admit your mistakes. They all sit together at dinner parties, taking long shots. They don't care about the community." Pictures of the president, Good Luck Johnathan, surfaced depicting the president trampling on the poor Nigerian man while sitting on a gas pump. This shows that the president is siding with the oil tycoons and leaving his people to suffer. The image went viral on CNN in 2012 when the people of Nigeria began to start an uproar against the president and his incredulous backstabbing ways. [1: (Nigerian news paper Allafrica - secondary...

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