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1. Introduction:In Bangladesh the bank management is lining a two facet challenge to grow their profitability and to serve the customers to working well with little waste and producing a desired effect. Banks are not only depends on loans and deposits they also provide lots of other services to improve their income and make better relation with the customers. To defeat the dispute, the banks need to introduce creativity in making pattern the demand base service mix in order to enable the speed up of fixed charge investment. Bank decision about the evolve gradually of ancillary services will hold the key to make good use of profitability in banks in future.2. Trends In Profitability In Banks:The profitability performance of banks has been fully talked about issue in the current year. There is increasing testimony relate to the authorities about the wane of profitability of banks. Financial profit is considered to be the importance reveal to the dimensions of performance of banks, both state-owned and privately-owned.In the view to psychoanalysis the profitability behavior the banks comprise in the NCB (Nationalized Commercial Banks) group are Sonali Bank (SB),Janata Bank (JB) and Agrani Bank (AB) and in the PCB (Private Commercial Banks) group are Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. (ABBL), United Commercial Bank Ltd (UCBL), International Finance Investment and Commercial Bank Ltd (IFICBL) and National Bank Limited (NBL).2.1 Net Profit as Percentage of Working FundsThe ratio of profit as percentage of working funds is an important yardstick to determine the bank's profitability. For the purpose of computing this ratio, Net Profit of a bank is what trace out of the total income after meeting all the costs.Table-1 shows that the ratio of net profit as percentage of seven nationalised and private sector banks in two different periods. The ratio witnessed negative growth rates of 95.12% and 63.59% for an average NCB and PCB as related to each over the period.2.2 Spread as Percentage of Working FundsSpread being the difference between interest earned and interest paid plays an major role to find out the profitability of banks. In order to analysis the profitability performance of banks.Table-2 it appears from the average spread ratio of both NCBs and PCBs recorded almost the same rate of decline 60% in the post-reform period. Among NCBs Sonali bank had the largest fall in the spread ratio 95.67% in the post-reform period among PCBs, IFICBL recorded the largest decline 75.97% in the same period.2.3 Burden as Percentage of Working Fundsprofit of a bank is resolute and intangible ways by two broad factors-Spread and Burden. The quantity of burden depends upon (1) non-interest income and (2) non-interest expenses.Table-3 shows the burden ratio for seven banks. The average burden ratio of NCBs (1.18) was larger than that of the PCBs (.52). To the pre-reform period the PCBs cope to grow less the burden ratio to a significant length (57.72%) in the post-reform period....

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