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Banned: Books Vs. Guns Essay

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In “Little Red Riding Hood vs. Guns” advertised by Moms Demand Action there is a saying at the top of the picture that reads “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them.” With one child holding a gun witch is not banned in America, and the other child is hold a “Little Red Riding Hood” book witch is banned in some schools across America. I believe that books shouldn’t be banned in the American school system because they teach children valuable lessons in life. Guns on the other hand should stay banned in American schools and instead of making sure some books stay out of schools the government should be making sure no one takes guns into the school buildings to prevent bad things from happening to children.
Guns do protect us, but they can also be very dangerous to us if used improperly, for instants when a teenage boy went to school and shot one of his classmates looking for ...view middle of the document...

Parents don’t want their children to think that it is okay to have any type of alcohol in their possession, granted that is a good thing that parents don’t want their children to have alcohol, but children can learn values from this book and others like it. Another example would be “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” witch was written during the Holocaust, it teaches us as human beings that you shouldn’t judge someone by the religion that they practice or the book “Of Mice and Men” this book can teach children and teens not to judge someone by they look or by the way they act, especially if they have a mental disability and you can’t tell if they do by the way people look.
Guns on the other hand shouldn’t be allowed in schools no matter what because they are a big danger to everyone that is in the school building. People could take a gun into a school or in any public place and start shooting at everyone that is in the building weather they are family or not. People can snap and it doesn’t matter who you are to the person who snapped. Even a child can use a gun if they are allowed or are exposed to violence that they see in movies, TV shows, or video games they may think that it is ok to kill or they may not know any better, they just want to be like their favorite character in that movie, TV show, or video game. Guns are just as bad if not worse than books. Guns don’t teach children any lessons in life all they do is teach children that violence can solve problems but it can’t, but violence never solves anything talking and working through the problems and that also teaches you values.
All children books should be allowed to stay in schools weather they offend parents or not, because they can teach many lessons that a parent or guardian can’t teach or can’t explain to the child. So in all reality guns are more dangerous than a book can ever be. A book can’t kill anyone but a gun can as long as the person holding it has the intent to kill, along with the violence that has been put into their heads with the video games and violence shows, and movies.

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