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Banned For Life? Essay

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If you were in dire need of a blood transfusion, would you care the sexual orientation of the person who donated the blood? Maybe if you were a homosexual male and your child was injured and needed blood, do you feel you should be able to donate? I personally believe that blood donations don’t have a sexual orientation. If my child was in need of blood, I should be able to donate my blood, or use the blood of anyone who donates blood, gay, straight or anything in-between. The fight against this ban on “gay blood” is quite controversial. The idea that lives could be saved if additional people were allowed to donate and are not allowed baffles me.
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S. Department of Health & Human Services pp. 3). This was a common misunderstanding when the ban was in place. These bodily fluids do not have enough of the disease to infect you. “HIV can be transmitted through Sexual Contact; Pregnancy, Childbirth & Brest Feeding; Injection Drug Use; Occupational Exposure; and rarely Blood Transfusion/Organ Transplant (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services pp. 2). Now that people are more informed, I feel that the rate of infection will go down. In my opinion, HIV / AIDS is definitely less of an issue than it was when the ban started.
All blood is tested for diseases. “Gay blood” and “straight blood” as some people say are still both rigorously tested for diseases including HIV / AIDS . “The American Red Cross performs laboratory tests for multiple infectious disease markers on every unit of donated blood. Tests are upgraded or replaced with more sensitive technologies as these become available” (Blood Testing| American Red Cross pp. 1). With each improvement in technology towards disease detection, the tests are updated (Blood Testing| American Red Cross pp. 1).All blood is also tested the same. I believe that not everyone is honest about their sex life on the forms to give blood. I feel that sexual orientation should not be a factor because of HIV / AIDS . That is like saying that all gay men have HIV / AIDS and are having sex with lots of possible HIV / AIDS carriers. I feel that most of the bad stigma of HIV / AIDS affecting blood transfusion is from the case of a young boy contracting HIV / AIDS unknowingly from a blood donation. “14-year-old hemophiliac Ryan White would put a public face to the scourge after receiving infected blood” (NBC News pp. 8). The form of treatment for hemophilia required lots of blood. This then would increase the chances of contracting HIV / AIDS . “They also relied on a specific blood-clotting treatment called Factor VIII concentrate” (NBC News pp. 8). That Factor VIII concentrate is now made artificially in a lab which has removed cases of HIV from this type of transmission (NBC News pp. 8).
Many restrictions against male same-sex blood donations restrict donations indefinitely. Males that have...

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