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Banner Headline Story Opinion Essay

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First and foremost, electricity bills are very important for the majority of Filipinos. Electricity is the one essential commodity that makes life. Philippine Daily Inquirer, my own opinion, chose this topic as a banner headline story because all of us have an interest on it. We all pay electricity. Even rich people seem not to comprehend what could be the reason why they implemented the P4.15 per kilowatt-hour rate increase. What I am most concern is this power rate increase will greatly affect the lives of our fellow unfortunate citizens.
Since they instigated the P4.15 power rate increase on the month of December, I can’t help myself to think that they’ve done that on purpose because everybody will definitely use a huge amount of electricity during this month. And the increase in power bill may also have a domino effect on the prices of other goods and commodities as well.
I have read some articles just to find out what really is Epira Law. I found out that it was passed as law at the end of Gloria Arroyo’s regime. Some experts say that this law is designed for big business interest, not for public service. Now, the matter of developing electric power supply and management has been left at the mercy of the private sector, an oligopoly of a few big, long-entrenched family/corporate interests. Since the Malampaya line had shut down, I bet these private sectors are punishing consumers for their own failure to ensure the continuity of power generation. Maybe it’s true that there is really collusion happened between these power plant owners and I hope authorities will investigate the matter thoroughly.
I also read that EPIRA promised uninterrupted and cheap power supply. But what do people get now? Meralco is charging its consumers higher rates just to make up for Meralco’s inability to provide them electricity.
I have to say that this unexpected power rate hike is unjustifiable. There is no conspiracy on why Malampaya had shut down and that they have to take another source...

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