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Banner In The Sky By James Ramsey Ullman

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The book that I have read chose to review is Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman. James ramsey Ullman was born in New York City in 1907. His highest-honored book was Banner in the Sky, but four of his books, including this one, were made into major motion pictures.
     The main characters of this story are Rudi Matt, Franz Lerner, Frau Matt, John Winter, and Emil Saxo. Rudi is the son of the legendary mountain guide of the Alps, Josef Matt. He has mountain climbing in his blood and is destined to become a guide. He is the main character of the story. Franz Lerner is Rudi’s uncle. He was with Josef Matt hours before he died while trying to climb the Citadel, and now he is looking out for Rudi. Frau Matt is Rudi’s mother. She does not want Rudi to become a guide like his father because she fears that he will die the same way. John winter is a famous guide in Switzerland. Rudi saved his life and now Winter wants him to climb the Citadel with him. Emil Saxo is a famous Swiss guide form the village of Broli. Winter asks him to be the guide for the journey up the Citadel.
     Rudi Matt has been given a chance to avenge his father’s death when Capt. John Winter asks him to climb the Citadel, the last unconquered peak in the Alps, along with him. Rudi is eager to do it but he cannot get consent from his mother, so he lies and tells Winter that he can go. They start up the Citadel with the famous guide Emil Saxo, who is also very arrogant and cares only of himself. When Rudi’s uncle finds out about Rudi, he goes to the Citadel. Rudi was supposed to go back to his village of Kurtal to get supplies, while Saxo and Winter went back to Broli for the same reason. Rudi knew hecould not go back...

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