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The Banning Of Cigarettes Essay

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Robert Proctor, a scientist at the National Center for Biotechnology, proved that cigarettes kill six million people per year, and those who do smoke die fourteen years earlier than non-smokers (Proctor 1). Cigarettes should be banned because of the major risks put on the smoker and society. It creates a a great number of problems today because of the image that it presents, and the production of smoke that as been proven as a carcinogen. Three major risks in society today are influential, financial, and health risks.
Out of the three major risks that cigarettes create, influences has to be the least thought about, but it is a contributing factor of smoking. Smoking cigarettes has been banned in public places, but there is still a chance for others to be influences to smoke. Some parental figures could bring rise to curiosity in young kids or teens. Also, for those who do not have parental figures to look up to, young kids can look to social media for idols.
Younger children are always wanting to be like adults, or be identical to their older sibling. While this is a good thing it can also lead to some serious risks. "Teens who smoke are significantly influence by whether older siblings smoke as well as if their parents smoke now or did in the past, according to research from Purdue University" (Vuolo 1). The extreme danger in this is the process of how the teen is influenced. Once the young teenager has seen their parent or older sibling smoke enough times then they believe it is normal to smoke. Then they begin to smoke and become addicted which gives them the same exact health risks as their parents or older sibling. It is somewhat like an endless chain of addiction and health risks if that same teenager has children. His/her children would then be influenced, put at the same health risks, etc.. But what if these young teens do not have a parental figure or older sibling to look up to?
When most people were a small child or teenager, they usually favored a particular character in a movie or television series. Younger children would imagine themselves as Superman in their front yard fighting crime or flying around. What if they were to idolize a particular character who lit a cigarette every now and then in the show or movie? This would also create the image that smoking is ok for humans to consume with no consequences. The teenagers or younger children see that the cigarettes are causing no harm to their favorite character so what could it possibly do to them.
These two factors that insert these images into the minds of the youth in society can be stopped by one thing; the banning of cigarettes. If cigarettes were to be made illegal to smoke, then these influences would not exist. Not only would the influences be nonexistent, but there would be more room to put productive influences in the mind of young children or teenagers.
Although it is important to recognize that cigarettes influence the youth...

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