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Should the government be able to tell us the amount of sugary drinks we consume? In the recent years obesity has become a national problem. Because of obesity, the current generation of American children might be having a shorter life than their parents. Children learn about acceptable behavior by observing and copying their parents, in this case the healthy way they eat and drink. Existing factors said that the ones responsible for a big change were sugary drinks causing us a drastic change in health. Sodas for example are cheap, especially if you buy them on sale. That’s one reason the obesity rate is higher and more accessible to consume in low income families. To emphasize sugary drinks ...view middle of the document...

“Soda Ban Will Fall and Jeopardize. US News). Fast food restaurants have disadvantages as 7-Eleven for example; McDonalds will still be allowed to offer free refills, although they only will sell the cups of 16 ounces. Consumers will take the same amount of refreshment. Furthermore, people will find a way to get their same sugary amount considered. If the usually consumed a 32 ounces drink they will get double time refill to satisfy the sugary amount. On the other hand, 7-Eleven will sell their 16 ounces drinks as usually, and if the soda consumers want to get more soda they will have to pay additional charge.
Conserving these disadvantages the economy for some places will be affected. The decreased on the economy will show the difference.
On the other hand milkshakes and high calorie coffee drinks like Starbucks Frappucinos would have remained unfettered. This mean the law of ban sugary drinks skip more important factors that affect obesity too, so soda are not the only problem. The government is not considered the others harmful beverages.
Since the ban on the drinks of 16 ounces passes on New York City, the President Obama says “Sin Tax on sodas is food for thought” (Salton, David, NY Daily News). Sin Tax is a kind of tax adding to products which are considerable harmful for our health. Tobacco and alcohol already have additional taxes on each purchase. On New York State imposes excise tax on each pack on cigarettes sold, making if painfully expensive to buy them, and now he was willing to proposal this law on sugary drinks.
This is a much sweeter solution adding additional taxes on regular sugary drinks, in my point of view. It will give the opportunity to retails and...

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