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Banning Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

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Winning a medal on every competition or Olympic future goal of every athlete. Their effort to pursue that dream can be acrimonious. In sake get through that tough competition, performance enhancing drugs has become their best choice. Before discussing any further, it would be better for finding out about Performance Enhancing Drugs. PEDs which stands for performance enhancing drugs are substances that are used by the athletes for advancing their accomplishment. The word ‘doping’ itself comes from the Dutch word ‘doop’ means viscous opium juice and it had been used since the ancient Olympic Games (seven hundred and seventy six – three hundred and ninety three before century) (History of ...view middle of the document...

Besides, it also against the spirit of sport where athlete put their commitment and result of workout into that competition and not making triumph as the priority (BBC © 2014, n.d.).
Next, according to Cook (n.d), preventing athletes to stop using dope is impossible. Besides, sport is already endanger athletes’ life because they use their minerals more than ordinary people, they ingest and metabolize more food for producing more energy and as the result their body is weak against free radicals, and they broke down their tendons, bones, and muscles because of their tough training and competition. So there is no other reason to ban PEDs that has the purpose to espouse athletes. Those statements are not make sense because when a person dedicates him or herself become an athlete, they and their coach should think how to reduce that risks by doing proper training and eating; so the risk of an athlete has nothing to do with using dope. Then if it about recovering body, whole foods are recommended by the expert because it contain formidable mixtures and chemicals that work inside the body synergistically (SCAN Academy, 2013).
Third, certain persons believe that professional sports organizations’ life could be easier because once PEDs were legalized, there would not be fuzzy line between what is and is not allowed performance enhancer (Smith, 2012). But, how about the health risk of the athletes? Indeed, PEDs aka dope have a short term effects that strengthen athlete physical’s ability, however it has long term effects which endangers their life and eventually can cause death. As example, the most famous dope among the athletes is anabolic steroids or testosterone, it will give negative impacts to user’s physiological (Acne, Male pattern baldness, Stunted growth and disruption of puberty in children) and psychological (depression, abnormal sexual appetite, increase of aggressiveness). In fact, almost all of the athletes do not care about that slight effects and keep using it even they take it much higher than medically prescribed. Later on, the serious effects would come up such as increased the ‘bad’ LDL (low-density lipoprotein), High blood pressure (hypertension), Prostate gland enlargement (Staff, 2012). Eventually, those athletes would have drug addiction and could not survive with those dope.
Indeed, dope has been known as physical strength’s enhancer since ancient Olympic Games. But, people at that era did not do any research about the negative effects and it has been proved by the first death of dope’s user named Knut Jensen. He died during the 100 km team time trial race at Summer Olympics in Rome and “his autopsy, however, reveals traces of an amphetamine called...

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