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Bar Code Essay

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Bar Code
(a). A bar code is a series of lines which differ in thickness and
space in between each other which contain data to provide certain
information on the product such as the Manufacturer, Product
Description, and the Size. The purpose of the bar code is to simplify
the amount of data which the staff needs to know and recognise by
memory as all of the data is stored of the company computer.

(b). Information that is contained in the bar code contains are the
unique ID number which is the code number.

(c). Information that is not contained in the bar code would be, in
most cases, the price as all different shops which stock the product
might need to charge different amounts. Also would be the
manufacturers name, the product description, and the size and in some
cases also the price as these would all be entered into the shops
computer by someone.


(a). The barcode is entered into the computer/register by the scanner
shooting a beam of light which will interpret the barcode. Once this
has been recognised as a valid product the information relating to
that barcode will be received from the main computer and the relative
information will be displayed/.

(b). If the barcode cannot be scanned then the person at the till
would enter the barcode in manually with the set of numbers which are
linked with the barcode into the computer to mark the item as paid.

(c). Fresh fruit, vegetables and items from the delicatessen counter
are dealt by either the customer weighing and putting a unique barcode
on the bag themselves or by the person at the till weighing them and
then manually entering the amount to pay into the register to add onto
the final bill.

(d). The chip and pin process is used by a person inserting their card
and putting in their pin code instead of signing the bill using their
signature. When they have put in their pin code and pressed enter the
computer will verify that the code that the person has entered is the
same as the card code and if it is the transaction would of succeeded
but it they got it wrong they will either have to do their signature
or they will have to prove that...

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