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Barack Obama: A Campaign Filled With Good Oral Intercourse

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Obama utilizes the power of persuasion through his political speeches; his discourse is made to be easily understood and have a clear meaning for his audience. Using body language, rhetorical practice and tricolon devices, Obama has inspired his audience through emotions and desires for new politics.
Other running candidates, such as John McCain and Hillary Clinton, attempted to express the public's disgust with conventional politicians while being seen as conventional politicians, but Barack Obama took on a new approach. Promising to create affordable health care and education for all, and to remove the soldiers from Iraq; Obama offered his listeners something other candidates did not: hope. Obama is perceived as understanding the people and their emotions and he uses this to convey his message. Using the idea of the American tradition and the appearance of the old-fashioned family man, Obama creates an image that all voters can relate to. Speaking slowly, clearly and pausing for effect, Obama allows his audience to think about what he is stating as he delivers it; however, he is careful not to make his rhetoric too complicated so that laymen comprehend it quickly. In his speeches, he does three main things that convey his messages in meaningful manners: he identifies the situation: Obama appears concerned over the inactions of the government and therefore seems to care greatly about the American people and their needs. By sympathizing with the people and portraying himself as a common man with only their interests at heart, he is able to garner more followers to elect him. He identifies the problem: Obama identified imperfections in the government and their inability to govern properly as the primary necessity of his campaign; stressing the uncertainty of an imperfect government and rallying support from voters around issues like jobs, a struggling economy, and education. He identifies the audience: uniting men and women of equal mindset to “change” regardless of race, gender or other attributes, Obama empowers the audience through the use of the first person language. He makes the audience feel they have the power to change the way America is run and that they are the vital part to his plan (Bitzer).
Barack Obama uses sprezzatura as a means to appear natural, relaxed and nonchalant in an otherwise stressful environment consisting of thousands of screaming audience members. Strolling back and forth on the stage, with one hand on the microphone and the other in his pants pocket, Obama gives the impression that he is relaxed and that the audience listening are his friends. His speeches garnish themselves with tricolon devices, for example, "To create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives". This use of repetition emphasizes the gravity of his message in a lyrical rhythm, making his point more noticeable and memorable. Along with his other uses of rhetorical devices, Obama creates a clear...

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