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Barack Obama Vs. John Mc Cain Essay

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Barack Obama vs. John McCainWe need change, for the last eight lengthy years ignorant people such as George W. Bush have absolutely ruined America and that's why I'm voting Barack Obama for president for 2008. Although, there are oodles of colossal differences between senator Obama and senator McCain there are still several similarities several of which comprise of issues such as education, health care, and taxes. However, a number of John McCain's plans for issues such as taxes and the economy lead to greedy corporations making extra money and the rich getting wealthier and the poor becoming poorer. Unlike McCain, senator Obama won't hoist taxes for anybody earning beneath a quarter of a million dollars; he also has more reasonable and in general superior plans for education, stimulating the economy, health care, and housing than McCain.First of all, despite tremendous differences between both senator McCain and senator Obama there are a few similarities in the midst of the two candidate's stands on the issues of education, health care, and taxes. For example, both nominees aim to improve education. McCain and Obama stand behind the No Child Left Behind Act but believe that it needs to be reformed. The No Child Left Behind Act requires public schools to meet test standards to receive federal funding it was signed into law in January 2002 and was the first major legislative victory for the Bush administration. It remains controversial as do measures to provide funds for students who want to choose private schools. In addition, they both want to have top notch schools, employ well-qualified and over all high-class teachers. Furthermore, Obama and McCain want everyone in America to have high-quality affordable health insurance. Moreover, both candidates want to improve electronic health information systems which would include electronic health records. Also, Barack Obama and John McCain intend to cut taxes on residents and neither supported Bush's tax plans of 2003. Regardless of massive differences, John McCain and Barack Obama do have several similarities in their plans for education, health care, and taxes.Second of all, numerous of John McCain's plans for issues such as taxes and the economy allow enormous greedy corporations earn millions of dollars more and the wealthy getting huge tax breaks and getting wealthier and the poor becoming poorer. McCain proposes devoting 5 percent of Title II funding, a provision of the Higher Education Act passed in 1998 to increase accountability and development of teachers, to states to recruit teachers who graduate in the top 25 percent of their class or participate in alternative teacher recruitment programs. In addition, he said he would devote 60 percent of Title II funding for incentive bonuses for high-performing teachers located in challenging environments, teach subjects like math or science, or demonstrate student improvement. There are countless considerable flaws with this plan. For instance, if...

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