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Barbie Has Issues Essay

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Are you or were you ever a child at a time in your life? I hope so. Making the assumption you were did you ever play with toys? Unless you were Egon Spengler most likely you did. Did you ever think the toys you played with or do play with could psychologically damage your mind? Especially modern toys with fancy technology embedded in the object. So should modern toys be reevaluated because, they have been shown to cause psychological and emotional damage?
Toys for young children are good. They give them something to do when the weather outside is frightful. Research has been shown to cause psychological problems when the get into their adult stage. One of the large toys with concerns is ...view middle of the document...

This brings me to my next point, toys teach important life skills like gender roles. “Through their toys, boys learn about adventure and physical activity outside the home” says Denise Starr, who wrote an article about how toys teach gender roles. Your stereotypical toy for a male child would be something like a police badge and gun or fireman’s helmet and engine. This shows them the stereotypical male gender role of working outside the home, earning the money, and having a high paying white collar job. Now for the other side, toys for small female kids. “Young girls learn (through their toys) that their roles take place in the home” says Denise Starr also. This is shown best though baby dolls, fake cooking items, and even the occasional play vacuum. Both of these, stereotypical as they may be, teach children how things are occasionally in the real world.
Toys are wonderful, I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.
Sometimes less is more, and with children’s play things that can be the case. “To many playthings prevent kids from fully developing their gift of imagination” claims Joshua Becker talking about how less toys can be very beneficial to children. In that quote he was talking about how having less toys compared to having a plethora of them can improve a child’s creativity because, it will make them think more and have more imagination with what they have. He also says that have less toys, they will take care of what they have. “When kids have too many toys, they will naturally take care of them.”
When it comes to new toys though, thats a whole different...

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