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Barnes and Nobles of Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, is a wondrous place filled with books, movies, and a quaint little café. Often I would visit the bookstore, in the hopes of hiding in a new book that can become my next adventure. Smelling Starbuck’s “Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino” being blended together and tastes something of their bakery delights are among my favorite experiences there. While in Barnes and Nobles rifling through the thousands of books in search of new books to read, and finding different genres I could be interested in is one of my favorite things to do. Not only is this bookstore a wondrous place to be in it is also a relaxing place to be in, because of the sights, aroma, and sounds.
First, Barnes and Nobles is a relaxing place because of the sights. As ones hands touch the door handles there is this gleaming light coming from the window display welcoming with open arms. Upon walking toward the store, one sees a massive building as tall as a Skyscraper. Upon entering the Barnes and Nobles, one’s eyes are drawn to the different levels. Such as, fictional, non-fictional, historical, romance, and educational etc. are just one of many books one would find there. Seeing different people glide up and down the escalator on the hunt through the array books and looking for their next book to read. Walking through the aisles one would see people sitting on the floors faces in their latest books. After walking past the people that are sitting on the floor there are rows and rows of different books; each one different from the next.
Second, Barnes and Nobles is a relaxing place because of the aroma. The next noticeable thing when first walking into to Barnes and Nobles is the wondrous scent of the coffee from Starbucks flowing throughout the store. The enticing aroma of hazelnut coffee brewing is such a glorious smell hitting ones nostrils. After...

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