Barnes & Noble: The Book Store Chain

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The bookstore chain has been decreasing in profit in the US over the past 20 years. Most of the books retailers are shutting down their operations and only a few are still operating in the country. Barnes and Noble has become the largest bookseller in the book retailers industry. The firm has integrated its business philosophy into web presence though eBook marketplace. This business strategy assisted the firm to be able to reach a large scale customers and remain as a strongest competitor in the book retailing market.
Barnes & Noble was successful on releasing the NOOK tablets, which responsible for major contribution to the company’s digital book sales. These tablets helped to eliminate the physical copy of book to the customers. This product was favorable with store services and offering. Since the company was successful with digital book strategy, as the result Barnes & Noble continued to expand, innovate, and invest heavily into NOOK tablets. The company continued to amaze the consumers by introducing NOOK Color in 2010. Barnes & Noble remained active in innovating its NOOK tables. The firm introduced a new and fresh product in 2011, which was associate with its existing products line; a Simple Touch with Glow Light, NOOK HD. Barnes & Noble reconstructed its business strategy by joining business adventure with Microsoft in October 2012. The partnership business adventure has helped the organize move forward with digital eBook to hundreds of millions of its customers. The firm also made a decision to partner up with Pearson which was the world well-known for online learning company. Pearson alone, invested approximate $90 million in cash to NOOK Media, Inc.
Barnes & Noble is well known for offering variety options to its customers. Readers can choose to visit at any store locations or digital books on the company website to NOOK products. The digital books business eliminated the physical books in the store. Barnes & Noble offered a wide range digital platforms to its customers. The digital system was comparable with Window 8 personal computer and tablets. It also worked well with Apple’s product such as iPad, iPhone and other products like Android smartphones and tablets. The firm continued to stay in a competitive advantage position in the marketplace, even though it had to compete with many powerhouses in the same industry such as Waldenbooks and Crown Books. And yet, Barnes & Noble remains on the top of the leading U.S bookstore chains.
Considering with the economic downturn, Barnes & Noble has found the way to offer price discount to all its customers specially price seekers. Since Barnes & Noble was a leading bookstore, it attracted many suppliers and publishers. Barnes & Noble was taking advantage of the situation where it had the ability to access a large customer base to arrange a better price deal from publishers and suppliers. Since it had a power of negotiate the price, it would add more value and strength to its...

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