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A learner who masters the art of critical thinking will be able to perform certain tasks” (Paul & Elder, 2001). Critical thinking is important and essential in everyday life because a critical thinker will be able to make wise judgments and good decisions. “Critical thinking is the ability for individuals to be able to think both clearly and rationally, it includes the ability to be reflective and also to be able to think independently.”(Lau & Chan, 2014) In addition to this being critical thinkers allows us to be more open to more possibilities and other’s opinions which would aid us in making better decisions. Unfortunately there are a few challenges that keep us from being effective critical thinkers such as prejudice, egocentrism and stereotyping.
Firstly let’s look at prejudice. According to Oxford dictionaries Prejudice is defined as the preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. For instance let us look at a scenario where by a young woman is ousted from society solely because of the way she dresses. Because of the way she dresses people believe she is sexually active when it just might be simple her unique style of dressing. Another example is in school many that are seen using glasses are most of the time immediately dubbed geniuses or nerds. This may not always be so it could very well be due to some kind of optical problem. Although many of us at times do not realize it we all pre judge people based on their looks and this is a problem. Critical thinkers are expected to be able to look past prejudice. If prejudice is evident in an individual they will no longer be critical thinkers due to the fact that they are quick to judge people without much information. Consequently it would cause individuals to give little or no importance to the opinions of those people who they are being prejudice against. Although prejudice is mostly seen as a bad thing it is not all bad since we do this in order to be able to survive but some people have gone past that. These people need to start being more open to other’s opinions otherwise they will not be good critical thinkers.
Secondly another barrier to becoming a good critical thinker is ego centrism. Ego centrism is the tendency to see reality as centered on one’s self interests.(Bassham, Irwin, Nardone &Wallace, 2011) According to oxford dictionaries it is when one thinks about only about themselves without acknowledging or giving any importance to the opinion of others. For instance if I believe going to school is a waste of time no matter who tells me otherwise I will stick to my opinion because it is the only one that matters to me. This hinders critical thinking because to the individual the only opinion that matters is their own. Ego centrism would...

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