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Executive summary
Barry’s Bean’s is an importer of coffee beans from various coffee producing companies who has made a name for themselves for their successful distribution of coffee to their customers. Their head office is in Mascot, Sydney with many stores opening in numerous Australian capitals such as Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. The business has two streams to it, the selling and distributing of the coffee blends, and the coffee retail outlets. Barry’s Beans has stated that they would like a more modernised system that will provide more information to help manage the customer base and prevent customer loss, as well as assist sales representatives in dealing with their high value customers.
We discovered that Customer Relationship Management is a system which assists a business practices to satisfy their customer needs. This system is one that allows for communication between the customer and the business which can assist in increasing revenues as customer service satisfaction increases.
Customer Relationship Management was investigated further and we looked at what we could do to implement it. We concluded that an effective method of implementing CRM is through Salesforce software, where the business can implement a software that would allow them to track who their loyal customers are and the activity they experience with the business. After researching CRM, we settled on the opinion that CRM was the best system as the business needed a system that would help them maintain focus on its customers’ needs and wants, and with a CRM, the business would be able to provide a system that customers can become involved with and gain opportunities to receive a better and easier experience. Implementing CRM and Salesforce will cost Barry’s Beans as they will need to pay for the installation of the Salesforce software, as well as find application specialists that specialise in the making and maintaining of applications, as well as pay those experts to train staff on how to use the software to the best of its ability.

Barry’s Beans is a small coffee company that importing coffee beans from overseas producers. Its head office located at Mascot, Sydney. The business started with bean grinding, blending and sell it to their customers. But now they produce their own coffee and directly supply to their customers. The business has rapidly grown up & kept expanding till they have opened coffee houses in every CBD of Australia like: Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Darwin. Now, they want to maintain their loyal customers and attract new customers by providing special blends, special offers & loyalty cards plus other membership facilities.
The report will help you to understand about the meaning of CRM, how it benefits and cause issues. It also highlights the current trend, any recommendation and system specifications.
Our client is a small coffee company (Barry Beans) who...

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