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Barry Bonds Essay

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Barry Bonds played in the Major League Baseball as an outfielder from 1986 to 2007. Bonds first played for the Pittsburgh Pirates before joining the San Francisco Giants in 1993. Bonds' accomplished many baseball milestones that has garnered him recognition as one of the greatest MLB players of all time. He holds a grand total of seven MVPs with four of them earned consecutively, eight Gold Glove and fourteen All-Start awards. Statistically, he has the all-time 762 MLB home run record, including 73 single-season record set in 2001. Bonds also holds the 2,558 walks and 688 intentional walks.

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Should Teams Walk Barry?: A comprehensive article analyzing the benefits of taking the risk of walking or pitching to Barry Bonds.
Mathematical Analysis of Barry Bonds' Record-Breaking Home Run: A mathematical analysis of Barrby Bonds' record-breaking home run in direct correlation to the field of physics.
Bonds Passes Hank Aaron As Home Run King: An archive news article covering the historic record-breaking home run by Bonds that edged out Hank Aaron's all-time home run tally.

Barry Bonds born and raised in Riverside, California on July 24, 1964 was instantly born into the sport of baseball. In fact, baseball coursed through the young lads veins quite literally. His birth father Bobby Bonds was an All-Star MLB outfielder, his distance cousin Reggie Jackson and godfather Willy Mays all held the inspiration needed to guide Barry Bonds to his milestone career. Bonds started to churn the tides after joining the San Francisco Giants in 1993 where he climbed the top of the record-breaking rank. Despite other baseball legends claiming their stake in MLB history, such as Mark McGuire who smacked 70 home runs in 1998, Bonds remained lurking in the background eager to emerge as a legitimate threat. In 2001, three short years after McGuire broke the home run record, Bonds replaced the all-time single season home run record with 73 astonishing scores.

Willie Mays and Barry Bonds: Chasing History and His Godfather All at Once: An archived New York Times article covering the legendary family tree.
Bobby Bonds Dies at 57: San Francisco Gate chronicles Bobby Bonds, the great Giants baseball player of the Giants and birth father of the legendary, controversial Barry Bonds.
Bobby Bonds: A Memorandum (1946-2003): A short memorandum covering the life of Bobby Bonds, one of the MLB's greatest baseball players.
Barry Bonds: Famly Tree: An overview and short-detailed description of Barry Bonds, the MLB's monster home run slugger.
Barry Bonds: Picture and Biography: A website covering all bases concerning the legendary...

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