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From the journey of the mayflower, America has been built on immigration. While now days many American citizens believe immigrants, legal or not, steal their jobs; however, immigrants actually helping the economy and keeping the communities at equilibrium for crime rates.
Although disgruntle American citizens who oppose immigration, illegal or not, argue that immigrants take their jobs, the majority of their occupations are insignificant compared to the professions taken by average Americans who graduated college. The industries that most
“[illegal immigrants take part in are those] that Americans would not [ be in, which] include [professions in] agriculture, construction, landscaping, ...view middle of the document...

The groceries we purchase in grocery stores right now would be extremely high priced without having a cheap labor source provided by illegal immigrants. Still, one could argue that we do not let Americans have a chance for these jobs. However, now days the majority of people demand health insurance, which many entrepreneur in the agriculture business do not want to waste money on when “a massive pool of cheap labor that enabled the rise of industries including steel, coal, automobile, textiles, and garment production” (“Economic”). Even if they gambled and let Americans keep these jobs, it would create a domino effect by increasing price of things we use every day and maybe even start another “Tea Party”. It is for the best that we do not disturb the peace that is the prices of every day necessities. Considering this the public still should understand why there food is so cheap to appreciate immigration to it’s fullest.
Furthermore immigration does not contribute at all to the crime rate. In fact, around the 1980’s nations that had more immigration to their country occur had less illegal activity and manslaughters than nations experiencing little to no immigration (Macdonald and Sampson). Yet still society has not shown us any of these statistics instead those opposing immigration leave us with the negative propaganda being stuff down our throats even today. For example, researches discovered that between individuals that are under the age of nineteen and have the same financial standpoint immigrants are in less criminal activity and fights, and those native born are not (Macdonald and Sampson). Given these statics one could easily conclude that there are no negative affects from immigrants on the social...

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