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    A man once stated, "You can have all the physical ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals" (“Fundamentals Quotes”). The greatest and most talented players' in the world still have to learn and know the fundamentals to play the game. Fundamentals are the simple basics of the sport and explain how to play the game. The important fundamentals of baseball include hitting, fielding, throwing, and also base running. 
            Many people believe that hitting is where to begin, according to an old coach, "The main part of baseball that brings people in to the game is hitting. Some have seen professionals do it on TV and others have seen it in person. But as for hitting, it is the major part of baseball for many players" ("Basic"). Another coach agrees going as far as saying, "A successful player must be able to hit the ball" ("Basic"). Hitting is not just a part of the game; hitting is the game. Hitting is the main and most important part of the game of baseball. During the sport of baseball, hitting is what determines who will win the game and who will lose. A great hitting team can have off days. In baseball everyone has good and bad days. As far as hitting, it is what determines the end results.
            Hitting the baseball is the time for the batter to shine, time to stand out, and the time when everyone's eyes are on the batter. It is his time to do what he has been working for his whole life. A coach agrees with hitting being the main part of the game saying, "The main part of baseball that brings people into the game is hitting. Some have seen professionals do it on TV and others have seen it in person. But as for hitting, it is the major part of baseball for many players" ("Basic"). It is time for all those long days on the fields and long nights in the cages for it to pay off. Time to turn all the non-believers into believers. When the batter steps into the box, everything else should disappear, but the ball and the pitcher. 
            The next main and most underestimated part of the game is throwing. To throw properly and effectively a wise man once stated, to keep a player's "lead shoulder and lead hip pointed at the target, lead heel to the target" ("Baseball"). This throwing method is worldwide also supported here by another source ".... player lines up the glove-side shoulder and hip with the throwing target" ("Fundamentals"). This is a worldwide throwing method that trends to more players all around the world every day. This is the number one throwing method all because it helps the player's to stay aligned with their target all the way through the throw. Staying aligned with the target is very effective. For example, a gun, the barrel lines the bullet up with the target, thus allowing a clean and effective shot. During the process of throwing, a player's body lines the ball and throws upward with the target. 
            Fielding is another fundamental of baseball. It not only begins with paying...

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