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Baseball Hats Boost Employee Motivation And Job Performance

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Using customized, colored baseball hats to boost employee performance
It’s been some time since the baseball hat became a symbol of recognition and high-status. Wearing a baseball hat, especially one with the right color and embroidery design makes people feel important, appreciated, and unique.
Setting up a simple system for motivating employees to higher levels of performance and achievement doesn't have to cost the company a fortune. The idea is to gamify productivity goals in a way that increases employee engagement and motivation.

The idea is pretty simple:
Measure the performance of your employees based on four ...view middle of the document...

2.Yellow Hat: The first level of performance attainment
After reaching the first level of achievement in job productivity (or sales performance), the employee is elevated to the ‘Yellow Baseball Hat’ status. Along with the Yellow Hat the employee receives an email from his manager congratulating him or her for her achievement.

3.Green Baseball Hat - The 2nd level of employee attainment
After reaching the second level of goal requirement, the employee is elevated to ‘Green Hat’ status. Along with the Green Hat the employee receives a ‘Congratulations for your performance’ post on his door-- bearing the manager’s signature.
Respectively, a ‘congratulations’ email is sent and is accompanied with a certificate and a web-link--not just to order her trophy baseball hat. He or she is also given the opportunity to enter the website and customize the design of the baseball hat, the way she desires-by choosing her own embroidery design or by uploading her own stamp design.

4. A Blue Baseball Hat- The 3rd Level of Performance
After reaching the third level of achievement in job productivity scale (or sales performance), the employee is raised to the ‘Blue Baseball Hat’ status. The manager personally invites the employee at his office and congratulates him or her for the success.
Likewise with the previous level, a ‘congratulations’ email is also sent by the manager. The email is accompanied with a certificate and a web-link to order her baseball, trophy hat and to be given the opportunity to...

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