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Baseball Influences In The 1920s Essay

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The early twenties offered many opportunities for people. After the Great War many people were saddened and always had their minds on war and violence. The majority of the most popular sports today had a kick start from this time period. Baseball was the most popular out of the many sports that developed and played during the twenties. The past time of professional baseball provided a much needed outlet for many Americans who wanted to forget the Great War, put their hopes in modern heroes, and spend their hard earned dollars on an enjoyable
Primarily baseball started to become a hit in the 1920s because of spectacular performances from many legends from this time period. Baseball players ...view middle of the document...

Many young people saw Babe Ruth as a role model. With the records Babe Ruth set, and broke, made many young people take their minds off the current warfare, and had they set on baseball. Babe Ruth influenced many young people to accomplish these goals he created. Baseball became popular in the area of Boston and New York City especially due to Babe Ruth’s performances with the two teams he played for in these cities. Another influence to young baseball fans in the 1920s is Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig also influenced people with his record breaking performances like Ruth. During Gehrig’s later career, he had sore muscles and started to perform very weak. This disease Gehrig had is a very rare condition. This disease was named after him called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Lou Gehrig’s disease is an incurable disease which slows down a person’s body. Many people still looked up to these two players in the 1920s which influenced and kept minds off the topic of violence.
As baseball continued to move the minds of young adults, children, and teens many found opportunities in baseball for themselves. During this time while baseball started to boom, many jobs had to be filled with several different types of work being done. Many teens could find jobs not playing baseball, but selling tickets to games. Snacks, drinks, and meals started to be served during ball games to give jobs to these young adults. Young adults and teens had...

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