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Baseball Is America's Pastime, Isn't It?

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Over the last hundred years, Americans have loved and treasured the sport of baseball. The game has been called America's Pastime for many reasons. This is the land that baseball started, progressed, and consumed the hearts of many individuals. For years it was the only professional sport America had to offer. In the early 1900's the sport was over glamorized because of household legends like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Ted Williams. Almost every kid growing up had the same wish, to be a professional baseball player. It was America's favorite sport to watch and play until recent years. Through years of evolution, baseball has made the change from a game into a business. Since 1994, "America's Pastime" has seen a dramatic change in fan support. Citizens of the U.S. are getting fed up with the greed and cheating that is being displayed by the game. The pureness and genuiness of the game is gone. The majority of the players are not playing for the love the game; they are playing for the love of the money. Due to the strike of 1994, rampant steroid use, and the emergence of other pro sports, baseball should no longer be considered America's Pastime.The great baseball strike of 1994 is what started the gradual decline for the sport. This is where America found out just how much a business the sport really is. According to the MLB (Major League Baseball) owners wanted to put a salary cap on emerging salaries. Of the three major sports (baseball, football, and basketball), baseball was the only game without a current salary cap. The salary cap would have eliminated the inflation of rapidly rising salaries made by the players. It would also have created more parity in the league. It would force some teams not be able to purchase the best talent money could buy. This would give many teams opportunities to contract quality players, as opposed to many on one team. However, the MLB players union denied the salary cap and threatened to strike on August 12, 1994 if it were to be put in place ( The day came and the players union lived up to their word. Baseball was on strike. The strike led to the cancellation of 921 games as well as the World Series, which was the first time it hasn't been played in modern baseball history. It also led to a delay into the following season. When the strike was finally resolved, the players got there wish, which was not to put a salary cap in place. The minimum league salary in 1994 was $300,000 a year while the league average was $2.38 million per year ( Many fans had trouble sympathizing with a bunch of greedy millionaires who cared more about the money than the game and the fans. After all, there wouldn't be a sport to watch without the fans. With the wake of the strike over, many fans vowed never to watch the sport again.Players are also starting to find ways to make more money. A player's salary is based off of his performance. The easiest way for a player to increase his performance is...

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