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Baseball Opener Essay

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Happy 2012!
With the winter weather not quite yet having the same gusto as it normally would, we find ourselves as a staff coming down with a strong, early case of spring fever (symptoms include seeing red seams everywhere we look and an urge to mow the grass). It is during this time that we are looking back to take stock of what we as a team can and cannot do, creating a plan that addresses and strengthens those areas and resolving to move forward in enacting that plan with tenacity -- baseball season is coming March 19 and it will be here before we know it.
We believe that the upcoming year holds some special promise for us both as a baseball team and the status of Chieftain Baseball in ...view middle of the document...

• Academics -- The new semester begins in roughly one week. 3rd quarter ends one week after the season starts. Put yourself in a position now to be available to work for and with your teammates. This comes first and has a longer impact on your life – be accountable.
Out in public
• Personal conduct -- fair or not, our groups do sometimes define us in the eyes of the larger public. The axiom is “he who lies down with dogs, will rise with fleas” applies here. Make your expectations clear to those around you – who I am and what I stand for is more important than your desire to make poor choices. If you aren’t strong enough to say that, find someone who will and hang around them. Honor isn’t something that only shows up when the right people are looking; in fact, true honor is evident when it is just you, the situation and your choice(s).

• Fundraiser -- We will be running the annual fundraiser beginning March 20. Make your list now of who you might ask to help us out. Be a person that someone feels strongly about supporting even if they don’t know you.

• Youth Baseball -- Through camps and other media/connections, we want to (and will be) showcasing you as examples because you are worth showcasing. We are going to be asking you to be giving of some time here, knowing that the investment will pay off 10 times over. Be the person every little kid wants to be when he gets older, as a player with skill, yes, but first be that PERSON that a mom and dad can point to and say that you are a guy worth looking up to in how you handle success AND failure.
On the field
• Workouts – The date practice officially starts (March 19) simply cannot be when we begin preparing for what we are about to do together, if we truly are serious about doing something valuable to us all. ...

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