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Steroids Solution in Sports
Many famous individuals in sports have tried to cheat their way out huge contracts with the help of substances that enhance their abilities. When fans’ trust is being played because of this act of insult to the culture of sports, it should bring shame to the individuals who took part in the accident. Many athletes have been caught and have received punishment, but there shall be more that are willing to try to take the risk. A solution is to end the individual’s contract or just distribute the money to many charities that need the money or to help the community.
In the history of baseball there are any legends that exceed many incredible records in every aspect of the game. There are players who defy the rules of records because some are very hard to reach or to get close. many of those players have been name hall of fame that will go down as players of hard sweat and blood put in and out the field. At least there will always be that moment of knowing the truth behind their abilities that will affect the evolution of the game. The impact of knowing the truth from many players has been devastating. A disappointment is the word that most fans would say when talking about some of the greatest hitters in baseball history. From 1976 to 2014 the list of names that have been investigated has multiply and more will be on the list. Names that hold titles like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi and many more faced or still facing accusations of using steroids. “March 17, 2005 - Six former and current Major League Baseball stars testify before the House Committee on Government Reform about drugs in baseball. They include Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and Jose Canseco. Some flatly deny using steroids, while others evade the question” (PEDSFF p.1). The differing numbers of home runs, runners batter in, and runs have decreased from the time that using steroids until now. The most talked stat that always been argued to see who the best is the home runs.
The "steroid era" has been devastating for fans that appreciated the game, but no one cannot say that. Kids and adults were leaving the action players brought to the field every day. Many did not know a lot about the steroids being used by famous players, but there were rumors in and out teams. Having a substance that will guarantee help in hand-and-eye coördination, better endurance, speed, power, agility and more is the miracle substance for any athlete. Being fun and all, there are numbers that alarms scouts, managers, general managers, fans, media, and more when a player is being productive. When a player is having a good year on the field, making a noise and maintaining the level of play throughout the season is coming. Seeing the same player having more than one horrible season is also common. But when players’ stats are constant for many seasons, that is when red flags come up...

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