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Baseball: Should Ped Users Be Allowed In The Mlb Hall Of Fame?

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Should PED Users Be Allowed in the MLB Hall of Fame?
In the late 80s to mid-2000s, steroids changed the way baseball was played. It became known as “The Steroid Era,” and it is a part of history that baseball wants to forget. The players during this time did some of the greatest things to ever happen to baseball such as Barry Bonds breaking the single season homerun record with 73, and Roger Clemens winning his record seventh Cy Young Award (Ortiz). These are Hall of Fame worthy stats, but they have a very slim chance of ever getting into the Hall of Fame because they are linked to using Performance Enhancement Drugs. These players should be allowed into the Hall of Fame because of their ...view middle of the document...

PED users should be allowed in the Hall of Fame with their own wing because there has been use of PEDs since the being of baseball and they shouldn’t be excluded for something that has been going on since the beginning of baseball (Taylor).
The argument has been going on forever about to let PED users in the Hall or not in the Hall. The argument will never end between the two sides. The people against say cheaters should never win, and that they cheated the game so they shouldn’t be recognized. People say that Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron do not deserve to be compared to each other because one took PEDs, and another didn’t (McHugh and Walling). The problem with that argument is that Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds played in completely different eras. If Hank would’ve played when Bonds played then maybe he would have used PEDs because that was the thing happening during Bonds time, and it could been the other way around with Bonds not using PEDs during Hank’s time. People also argue that PED users should be taken off the ballot completely because they are taking votes away from “true ballplayers” that deserve all the votes they can get (McHugh and Walling). These PED users shouldn’t just be forgotten about because they did some of the greatest things in Major League Baseball history. The players that are linked to PEDs votes to get into the HOF are decreasing every year. In last year’s ballot Barry Bonds’s vote percentage dropped from 36.2% to...

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