Baseball Triumphs And Sufferings Essay

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One man went from living a perfect life, to hoping to live at all. Dave Dravecky was a baseball player in the 1980’s. He played professionally, but then some things happened in his life that left him hoping that he was to live. He had many struggles throughout his life, but trusted God and made it through his hardships. I am going to analyze some of the main areas of conflict discussed in the book Comeback, written by Dave Dravecky himself with the help of Tim Stafford. I read this book in one of my classes, American Literature. Dave Dravecky had inner struggles including minor league baseball, cancer, and breaking his arm.
The first part of Dave Dravecky’s struggles dealt with his minor league baseball. As said in the book, Dravecky is sent to Amarillo, Texas, for his third year in Double-A baseball (Dravecky and Stafford 11). He played baseball in the minor league for four years total, which is a lot for somebody hoping to make it to the major leagues. Usually if someone is going to make it to the major leagues, they will stay in the minors for only a year or two. Dave was in there four. He must have been starting to think that he wasn’t going to make it. His Double- A team actually asked him to go play in Columbia for two winters and it was horrible for him. His wife was always sick and they were just depressed the whole time. This is from part of the book while he is in Columbia: If you played poorly- and I did- people would throw corncobs at you (Dravecky and Stafford 70). Just imagine playing a baseball game and doing so horribly that people throw stuff at you. That would be horrible. The crowd must be bad too which would be hard to play with. If people start yelling negative comments and throwing stuff at the team, it would not make them play better. If anything they would start playing worse.
The next part of Dave Dravecky’s struggles dealt with his cancer. Having cancer for anybody would be tough to deal with, but Dave had cancer in his throwing arm which meant he might never be able to throw a baseball again. That would mean his whole career was over and one of the things he loves most could be...

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