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The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, illustrates several interesting themes, but in particular I find the main characters, George and Lennie to be the perfect example of how hopeless and full of despair a dream can be, but also what an incredible motivation it can bring to those who dare to embrace it fully. Lennie, is like many others, like most others, depending of a dream, or in this case he is depending George who tells the dream to him and makes it available. All that Lennie can remember, and all that his childlike mind is filled with is the dream and the perfection of his and his companion’s future. In the same manner the traditional American dream, also present in the novel, is constructed. It creates an incentive and spreads hope, but too often leaves the dreamer with an equation which he cannot solve and without any part of the dream. George and Lennie represent this theme of the hardness and hopefulness of a dream, perfectly with their way of managing their lives with their minds set on the dream of a better life, but ends up without money or pride, one of them killed and both of them murderers.
John Ernst Steinbeck, being the author, had the ability and power to change the outcome of the book and fulfill the workers dreams; he had the ultimate ability to write a happy ending or a hopeful phrase about the future, but instead choose to abruptly end it all with a pistol shot, killing all dreams at once. I do not know, and I will never have the chance to ask about Steinbeck’s own convictions and views of The American dream and dreams was, but I can try to read between the lines and keep in mind what I know about Steinbeck’s life to understand more. Interpreting his text, I feel strongly that Steinbeck was not a defender of American society or the dream of a strong individual, most understandable during a time of distress, during the great depression. Although Steinbeck allows all of his characters to dream, he strangles every one of them, every chance of change and leaves the reader feeling as hopeless as the fictional character would feel. Perhaps John Steinbeck is just portraying how hard life really is, perhaps he was writing out of own experience or perhaps he had just given up all hope in America and the idealistic American dream. But I hope that Steinbeck’s political views, which preferred community before individuality did not stand in the way of his own belief in dreams.
All characters in Of Mice and Men show a strong ability to dream. No matter if it is Curly’s wife dreaming about taking control over her own life and running away or if it is Crooks dreaming about his childhood where segregation and racism were not central in his life they...

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