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Based On The Above Case Studies, You Are Required To Conduct An Individual Research On Sm Es In Malaysia By Selecting Any Particular Industries And

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1. Conduct organization evaluation by using any ONE (1) of appropriate analysis tools (Porter 5 Forces or PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technology)).

Without doubt, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) particularly in Malaysia (and the rest of the world) had long been the backbone of a country’s growth, with the scintillating amount of profit injection which had made it a core part of a country’s economic stability. The hypothesis here is quite simple, if the SME is able to break down the country’s market in its particular field, then it will skyrocket the stakes in the country with investors all around the world will spare a watchful eye on the growth.

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Of course the aforementioned countries too, possessed such an immense SME infrastructure in their own, but the government here in Malaysia had responsibly provided an immense amount of support to the business out there.

Political climate here could still be considered safe and steady despite all the turmoil that you can find in it. Businesses, particularly, could be if not easily, still be maintained with a little bit of hard work, creativity and smart studies on the field you’ve been resting your investing money on. The phrase ‘government had been supporting’ is that in terms of obtaining guidelines, loans and any other things that you need for a business venture, government invented many agencies under its belt to help those people that is serious to throw themselves into businesses out there.

To conclude it for the political part, businesses (specifically of food and beverages like Secret Recipe) is still having its high legitimacy to be invested on because the political structure in this country is still strong and could be considered as an assists to those business hopefuls out there. The same capacity of chances that had landed Secret Recipe to where it stands now.


Much like the facts dictated in the political analysis before, Secret Recipe had actually taken full advantage on the economic stability in this country. Since our economic woes circa late 1990s, there has been almost no catastrophe damage had been done to our country, all thanks to our quick witted leaders that deserve full credits in maintaining Malaysia’s capability in fighting for economic betterment.

Malaysia’s per capita earnings for its adults citizens above 21 years old of age in 2013 stated that they received roughly over RM 31, 000 per year, the second largest amount in South East-Asia countries where we were left behind just after Singapore and sitting comfortably above other countries like Thailand and Indonesia. The amount had stated that despite all the furores that people had been complaining with their financial stability, they’ve actually earned enough to live comfortably. Not only high per capita income, Malaysians too have the least economy crime in the last decade for the countries in South East Asia. The authorities are guided quite clearly with little damage could happen to be broken in. Less criminals and frauds regarding economy in this country compare to neighbouring countries could be an exceptional thing for Malaysia.

Working chances and availability that had been racking up in this country too, had been rocketing directly proportional to the economic health of the country. As this had been said, Malaysia is the country where the numbers of unemployed people are among the lowest from its Asian counterparts. That will definitely means that people in this country living up high on expenses and this is where cafes like Secret Recipe could ply their trade on.


To tell the bold truth, Malaysia has its own culture and heritage. But...

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