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Based On The Six Branding Goals, How Did Nanda Fail To Sustain Clocky’s Appeal? How Might Nanda Successfully Brand Her Company And One Of Her Prod

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Clocky is not a regular alarm clock, it comes fitted with wheels that allow it to head off in random directions so that its user has no choice but get out of bed to find it. Clocky entered the public spotlight well before being a finished product, it was initially a project for the creators industrial design course at MIT . The concept behind the invention appealed to the public as it addressed a real issue in a fun and unique manner. Suddenly creator Gauri Nanda found herself amidst a media blitz as her creation sparked a media frenzy. Faced with a huge demand for her idea, Gauri Nanda decided to commercialize her product. Nonetheless Nanda has failed to sustain clocky’s appeal while ...view middle of the document...

Counterfeit products were available on online retailers Ebay and Amazon and even on Canadian store shelves. This is damaging to Clocky’s relationship with its consumers, the rise of cheap imitators will lead to decreased loyalty. Consumers who would have been potential Nanda Home customer, now know knockoff brands instead eliminating revenues from future products. Nanda’s inability to meet both feelings and loyalty marketing goals has lead to a gradual fading of it appeal to consumers.

Canadian citizens lead the world in time spent online at 45.3 hours spent per quarter, more than the American and South Korean citizens at 38 and 30 hours respectively. Prevalence of internet savvy citizens provides a unique opportunity for Nanda to raise awareness for her brand and products. Nanda must utilize social media to maintain a presence in consumers online activity. This would increase referrals and word of mouth marketing as it is much easier to share information among friends using a social media platform such as facebook or twitter, which would increase awareness. Nanda can increase sales by offering social media based promotions for example; get free shipping if you tweet about clocky. Nanda must also engage her consumers on their mobile devices, through using a mobile photo sharing application such as instagram or through mobile targeted web advertising. Recent statistics show that 56% of Canadians own a smartphone and just over half use it to check social media daily. Nanda’s efforts to raise awareness for the brand and products must be leverage the canadian consumers connection to the internet as it provides a more direct and personal approach than traditional efforts through email.

Another way to brand Nanda brand and products in Canada, is through customer loyalty programs. Customer loyalty programs will assist Nanda in securing repeat business from its customers who have already demonstrated their...

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