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Basement Essay

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Everyone has fears, whether they hide them or not. A common fear is the fear of the dark. Nobody truly knows what is in the dark, and most people are afraid of what they cannot see. In my house there is a place where it is very dark all the time. The Door is just below the main staircase in my house, so I have to pass it every day. The door moans as it is opened and the handle clicks and shakes when it is let go, as if someone was trying to open a locked door from the other side. There are holes in the molding where my parents tried to baby proof, but now it just looks like they were trying to lock something down into the abyss.
The light on the stairs has long been burnt out, and now is a
collection of spider webs trickling down the wall. The walls are beaten from
the countless items and reckless children that have gone down the stairs over
the past fifteen years. A little ways down the stairs, after you turn around the
corner, there is a hole in the wall that gazes out into the main room. On the
back wall there is a window well that decided it was going to leak. A yellow
stain oozes down the wall to the floor where the carpet has been pulled back.
There is a couch, to full of stuffing for the fabric, which sits against the
wall, but not totally against it. It sits there daring you to get closer to
look around it and see who is hiding behind it.
At the bottom of the stairs there are only two ways to go, left into the main room, or
right down the small hallway. Down the hallway there is a mirror that catches
every little bit of light and reflects it back at you to get your attention, as if someone was running across the room hiding so you cannot see them.
Next to the mirror there is a small bathroom that looks as if it was from the
outhouse days, run down and decrepit, with walls that peel from the moisture trapped in the stagnant air. Down the hall more is an entrance into a small room that
contains the entrance to the crawl space, which gives off a glow as a portal to some twisted underworld. The entrance has a sliding door that disappears into the wall, which makes the walls very flimsy and crack whenever you walk by them. The cracking almost sounds like footsteps, and when they shift you feel as if someone is following behind waiting for you to turn around. Right in the line of sight is the only poster in the room, which
catches any glare as you step off the stairs and reflects back at you, which
looks like someone’s moving around and taunting you, wanting to play a game of hide and seek.
In the room there is nothing special, just a simple storage room of things that
my mom can’t find the time or energy to throw away, which clutter the room making it very easy to trip and fall to the feet of whatever is lurking in the shadow. The crawl space is cover from doors that look like they should be shutters. It is high on the wall, but just
low enough...

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