Basic Reading Skills Analysis Report Concerning The Learners

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Instructional Problem
Basic Reading Skills are the biggest problem that Third Graders face. Reading Skills are vital to the academic success of students in the classroom. This in return affects a student’s life dramatically depending on the reading grade level of that student. Reading Fluency and Comprehension are two of the biggest problems. These two play a major role in academic achievement in the classroom as well as achievement on state test. Both Reading Fluency and Comprehension give support to Grade Level Reading Skills. Focusing on Reading Fluency and Comprehension will help students became successful in the classroom as well as all aspects of their life. Students that are below grade level in reading will continue to fall behind unless intense interventions are taken place.

Instructional Goal Statement and Explanation
At the end of nine weeks which is one quarter students will be able to apply the basic reading skills needed to read fluently and with comprehension. Students will use practice probes to help with fluency. Each student will be placed in one of three groups to get intense reading instruction that will most benefit them at their level. Students will be able to read a third grade passage with fluently with ease and then recite what the passage was about after the reading is complete. By the end of the year students will increase their reading level score by at least one grade level.
Learner Analysis
Requisite Entry Level Knowledge and Skills
Students need to know how to read nonsense words which will aid with reading. Students need to know their vowel and constant sounds. The students need to know the rules to short and long vowels. The students need to know and understand the different spelling patterns for example: ay and ai are used to make the long a sound. Students need to know how to read two syllable words. Be able to know how to blend a word. Students also need to know the basic sight words for second grade and working on Fry’s Third Grade list. The students need to be on a reading skill of a 3.0 starting Third Grade.
Learner Group’s Prior Knowledge and Skills
The Third Grade class is able to blend simple words together. Half of the students are on a 2.9 or lower reading level. There are 22 students that read on a 2.0 or lower reading level. Many have difficulty with decoding simple words. Many in the lower group still struggle with long and short vowels. Comprehension and fluency for half Third Grade is a struggle.
Demographic Information of Learner Group
The students attending school at the elementary school come from lower income families. The school is considered a title one school due to the number of students that are on free or reduce lunch. The school has around 500 students with grades K-6. The school also has a developmental preschool. There are 3 to 4 teachers in each grade level 1-3 and 2 to 3 teachers in grades 4-6th. In third grade there are 75 students. Due to our...

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