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Basic Hydraulic Principles Essay

2370 words - 10 pages

Name: Omar Hassan
Batch: ND feb 13
Assessor Name: Anand
Subject: Hydraulics Systems
Submission Date: 17/4/2014

Task 1

• Basic Hydraulic Principles

A simple hydraulic system consists of the following components
• Hydraulic fluid,
• Pistons or rams,
• Cylinders,
• Accumulator or oil reservoir,
• Working mechanism, and
• Safety devices.

They control variety equipments which transmits force that are carried by Hydraulic Fluid in a specific medium. In modern systems hydraulics transfer forces which are accurate and rapidly even in small pipes of any shape and a long distance.

• Pascal’s Law:

Pascal's Law, framed by Blaise Pascal, states that “Pressure applied to any ...view middle of the document...

The oil used has a low viscosity for easy filling of aluminum pips and all other pipes. As the oil heats up it retain the properties over a wide temperature range.

Three types of hydraulic oil are used:
• Vegetable,
• Mineral
• Synthetic based.

These are colored blue and made from Alcohol and castor oil. They are mostly used in older aircraft where natural rubber seals are used. These Vegetable oil can also cause corrosion or sludge.

These are colored red and they are based on a widely used kerosene petrochemical product. They have good lubricating properties which in small quantities occupy corrosion and foaming. They are stable and low viscosity which changes with temperature. Mineral oils are flammable and may not be used with rubbers.

These are colored purple and are less flammable then the mineral oil. They attract water as they are based on synthetic phosphate eater. They also attacks certain paint and plastics. Aircraft wing can be degraded as insulation can be eaten away. Also known as Skydrol and other synthetic grades are dyed as green and amber.
Task 2 Part 2
They are introduced during the manufacturing process which mainly consists of dirt and metallic particles, money and effort is spent to ensure all the traces are removed. Components are rarely received from manufactures that do not meet the required standards.

System generated
They are produced in hydraulic system where there is normal wear of components and also by chemical reaction within the hydraulic fluid. Complexity of the system and the time it’s being used is the rate at which contamination is produced. The contamination consists mainly of metallic particles, the presence of which increases the system wear rate and the production of further contamination. Filtration can reverse the effectiveness of the contamination.
Hydraulic Fluid Contamination
Hydraulic system trouble is unavoidable whenever the liquid is contaminated, whether a simple malfunction or the complete destruction in a component and it depends on the type of contaminant to some extent.
Two general contaminants are:
• Abrasives, including such particles as core sand, weld spatter, machining chips and rust.
• Non abrasives, including those resulting from oil oxidizing, and soft particles worn or shredded from seals and other organic components.

Task 3

Task 4
Hydraulic Piston pump
The pump can handle large flow of hydraulic pressure at high rates. Typical applications are mobile and construction equipment, marine auxiliary power, metal forming and stamping, machine tools and oil field equipment.
The sealing properties of the pump are excellent they slide back and forth inside the cylinders which are part of hydraulic pump.
Key features...

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