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Mother Teresa
Int. Catholic Church -Day.
Mother T. is walking in church towards the main room. The view is showing her dress by the bottom. She is going in to pray about whatever she prays about.
My name is Mother Teresa…
*Sitting on a bench praying. Her fingers are locked together. Fingers are also fidgeting a little bit*
and I got a call from God to help the city’s poorest and sickest people.
*A footage of a needy person in the streets of Calcutta appears. Then Mother T. does the thingy where you cross your fingers and go up, down, side, side, kiss, Amen. Clip fades to blackness; image appears with Mother T. walking in the park*
Ext. Walking in the park- Day.
My name used to be Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhiu
*An image of the family of Mother Teresa appears. Moving zooming effect. (Maybe)*
Third and final child of Aga and Lazar
Int. Someplace with couch- Day.
*Mother T. is sitting on the couch just resting talking to the camera*
My dad’s name was Nikola Bojaxhiu and my mom’s was Dranafile.
I lived a good and wealthy life and had...

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